Green imperial Jasper guru mala
Green imperial Jasper guru mala

Green imperial Jasper guru mala

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•Warding off evil spirits, battling witchcraft, balancing obsessive tendencies and delusional thoughts, quitting bad habits•

Green Jasper was equally credited throughout the centuries for driving away evil spirits and ghosts, harmful fantasies, and witchcraft. It was particularly protective against venomous creatures, kept one from drowning, and warded off sorrow. It provided good health, made one amiable and brave, healed fever and edema, diseases of the stomach, lungs and chest, and increased fertility, aiding women throughout their pregnancy and childbirth. Green Jasper is still utilized today by metaphysical practitioners for these properties, and for its ability to balance obsessive tendencies and restore harmony to the emotional body. Green Jasper is an excellent talisman for those coping with paranoid delusions, entity attachments, or who feel overwhelmed by nightmares. Wear or carry as a rubbing stone to ward off negative energy, bring reassurance, and to help restore inner calm.

Use Green Jasper to overcome obsessive compulsive disorder. It lends emotional support and strengthens self-control, as well as boosting physical energy levels. Its slow, steady vibration helps avoid extremes and encourages perseverance.

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