Relaxing The Mind

  With everything that’s going on in the world right now many of us may be feeling overwhelmed and stressed, finding it hard to maintain a positive attitude, especially when thinking of how it may impact our finances and way of life. 

  When faced with a circumstance we cannot change, it is important to view it from a safe vantage point. Meaning, not to let ourselves become so overcome with emotion that our emotions impact our physical health and wellbeing.

  This is where we need to employ the practice of non-attachment so we may remain grounded and centred in our thoughts and actions. When we stress about a circumstance or situation we cannot change we ultimately make it worse by giving it power through our attention and energy.

  However, the one thing we can change is our perception. When we are able to take a step back from our thoughts, quiet the mind and focus solely on the present moment, it redirects the energy inwards and the stressful situation loses its power because we are no longer giving it our energy.

   To practice this mindfulness technique you will need only to find yourself a comfortable seat and allow yourself at least five minutes of time undisturbed.

Sarah Robson Kind Vibe Mala

  • Sit up nice and tall, relax your shoulders, lengthen your spine, unclench your jaw and place your hands on your thighs.
  • Take a long deep slow breath from the bottom of your lungs all the way to the top, feeling the expansion of your ribs on all three sides.
  • Release slowly through an open mouth releasing all stale stagnant energy. Repeat this three times.
Sarah Robson kind vibe mala
  • Flip your palms up with the backs of your hands on your thighs. Connect your index finger to your thumb, pause here and really feel the connection of your energy and sensation of your skin.
Sarah Robson Kind Vibe Mala
  • Inhale, pause, then release the finger and the breath and move to the next finger. Repeat this process moving through each finger connecting it to the thumb on the inhalation, pausing and releasing on the exaltation.

Complete a minimum of 5 rounds of these mindful movements going as slow as possible. When you have finished tuning into each sense give yourself a moment to just sit, breathe and simply be. Let your breath flow naturally and let your thoughts be guided only by your breath. Become still, body and mind. It is within this moment where peace is found, when the body and mind are still.

  Stillness connects us to the one universal vibration which exists in all things; the branching of trees, the flowering of plants, birds, bees and all other forms.  

  Love is the eternal essence of being and it exists in all of us. We are beings of love and we are beings of energy.  Within our physical body lies an energetic body made up of seven main sources called Chakras. In Sanskrit Chakra literally translates to “wheel”. These spinning vortices of energy are what govern our emotions and spiritual well being. 


    The fingers and the Chakras:
    Thumb- solar plexus=fire
    First finger-heart chakra=air
    Second finger-throat chakra=space
    Third finger-root chakra=earth
    Fourth finger-sacral chakra=water

      Each finger is linked to one of the 7 main chakras and each chakra has a sense and element associated to it. If you think of your hands as instruments and your fingers as keys on a piano, you are able to play with your energy in a way that redirects it through the body. This is a good time to set an intention or cultivate a sense of gratitude. Be grateful for each sense as you move through each finger feeling the spark of your own energy.

      This meditation is so simple so effective as it quiets the mind easily and taps into the senses generating a sense of calm and peace within the body and mind. The mind is an organ and it’s function is to think, so assigning it a task keeps it occupied and allows us to deepen our connection to the present moment. When we are in that present moment is when we can truly harness the source of our own power and utilize it for our highest good.


    • Ainslie B.

      Ive bought several bracelets from Sarah and absolutely love all of them! She is amazing and taking what you want and creating something beautiful that perfectly fits your emotional and spiritual needs. She is so knowledgable and is always happy to help and inform people when asked. Shes truly an amazing person and I love following her practices and purchasing her items. Not only has she helped me live a happier healthier lifestyle, but I have more energy now than ever before! I look forward to how much more I can learn from Sarah and her amazing practice.

    • April Eldridge

      This girl right here somehow knows exactly what I need and when I need it . Being one of my best childhood friends Iam so proud to see what she is doing for so many people . She has changed my life in many ways I feel so much more grounded and centered and can keep control of my mind and emotions . And those pieces love them she makes them exactly how you want/need they are amazing and I cannot wait for my others to arrive and to do one of her workshops . 🙏

    • Brittany

      I recently purchased two of my bracelets from Sarah I told her what I wanted and she made it happen I am totally in love with my bracelets and wear them every single day she is amazing and creative with what she does and I look forward to purchasing another one for my daughter

      Thank you so much Sarah
      Talk to you soon about another bracelets in the making :)

    • Shannon McKay

      I’ve known Sarah for more years than I want to count. And recently she sent me a bracelet that I absolutely love!
      So does my son, he keeps stealing it off me and wearing it. He says it makes him feel sunny inside.
      I highly recommend the jewelry Sarah is building (for your whole family) and look forward to learning more from her in regards to holistic traditions, cooking, jewelry and meditation techniques:)

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